Date: 2017-07-27 03:02 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] rusty_armour
rusty_armour: (umbrella)
It's great that you've been able to download so many Kindle titles for free. :-) Lady of Devices certainly sounds interesting, even if the plotting could have been handled a bit better. I have a friend who's into Steampunk, so I'll let her know about this book. Like you, she may decide to check out the other books in the series. :-)

Speaking of downloads, I finally started reading Miss Pym Disposes. Actually, I'm hoping to finish reading it in the next couple of days. I'm now on a Josephine Tey kick, so I'll be reading The Man in the Queue next. I still need to look into it, but I might sign up for an Open Library account. I noticed that Open Library has quite a few Tey titles. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any on Gutenberg.
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