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I'll start off by saying that this is not the kind of book I usually like to read. My favorite genres are fantasy, mysteries, science fiction, historic fiction and non-fiction. This is - I don't know. It's definitely YA. Drama? Maybe.

At the start of the book, the main character, Cath, is about to go away to college. Her twin sister, Wren, has told her she won't share a room with her. When Cath gets to the dorm, she meets a boy in her room. For a moment, she thinks he's her room mate. He isn't, but he starts hanging out there a lot, with Reagan, Cath's real room mate.

There were some things I could definitely relate to when it comes to Cath. She's into writing (fan fiction) and she has a sister. In the end, there are several things I don't quite understand so well, but all in all I really love this book. Reading about going to college brings back memories of when I was trying to study at the university. To be honest, at times, it made me feel terrible, but despite that, I mostly enjoyed the book. It's well written and the characters are interesting and engaging.

So... Do I recommend this book to other readers? Yes. If you read the blurb at the back of the book and it sounds like something you might like, I think you will enjoy it.
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Today, my sister [personal profile] thegreenring and I took my son into town on his own for the very first time. Since he has an appointment with the dentist next week, I wanted to take the twins separately into town to get used to being apart. This time we went to the toy shop to buy presents for their birthday next week and we also went to another shop. Salt was a little quiet and pensive as if he was wondering what had happened to his sister, but he only complained a little when we got on the bus to go back home. I had to stand next to the buggy for a while to reassure him. Pepper was asleep back home and didn't seem to notice that her brother was gone for a while. If she reacts the same way when I take her into town, I'm sure they'll both be ok at the dentist's.
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The other night I happened to look out the window and saw something weird and vaguely unnverving. It was something tall and silvery and I know there's nothing like that out there normally. I worried me enough to wake my sister and ask her if she could see it too which she did. She went downstairs and took a look through the window down there and said it didn't look the same there but it had to be a combination of our trashcan and some tufts of high grass. I knew it had to have something to do with our trashcan, but I still don't know what caused the optical illusion. Odd.
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Today has been a bit mixed (of course it's not over yet, so who knows?). Starting with the bad to get that out of the way, I saw something extremely distressing on tv. It was a news segment about the Swedish chef team in some competition or other, I can't be bothered to keep up with these things. Anyway, there was this guy, calling himself a chef, who was cutting a live lobster to pieces. Is that really legal? I was horrified and so were my mom and sister.

Moving on to more positive stuff, I think the highlight of the day was going for a walk with my children, in the bright sunlight this morning. Actually, my sister helped my son walk (he's almost a year old). I took the new singleton buggy for a spin with my daughter, who is slightly less sure on her feet (but pretty good too). It rolled very well and all in all seems to live up to my expectations. The reason I bought it was that my twins have been given appointments with the dentist for the very first time. Unlike the child care clinic that always lets twins come at the same time, the dentist wants them to come on different days. It will be the first time they've ever been apart since they were born. Naturally, I could have brought both kids on both occasions and asked my mom or sister to sit with the one who wasn't going inside, but I thought this might be a good opportunity for them to learn to do things apart.

Finally, this afternoon, I got a text message telling me that my medication that has been out of stock for a couple of weeks is finally back and I decided to go into town to get it right away, since I've already been without it for too long. I'm going to get a headache every morning for a few days at least. :( On the way back, there was this good looking, very polite kid who was waiting at the same bus stop who smiled and told me to go ahead and get on the bus before him. Just a tiny little gesture but naturally I appreciate it after living for far too many years in a vile dump of a town. Here people are mostly great. It make me sad that I wasted so many years.
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I realize that most people won't find this interesting, but I decided I'd blog about this anyway, so consider yourself warned.

It probably won't come as a surprise to any of my followers, that I'm crazy about being a mum, about having children. It's absolutely awesome. The best thing that ever happened to me, which is understandable since I have always been close to my family and these are babies and per defintion super adorable as well as family.

I love everything about having my babies, buying cute clothes and toys for them, feeding them, changing their nappies/diapers and most of all just hugging them and pushing them in their buggy.

Read more... ) brings me to the topic of this blog post. I love buggies. There's something so reassuring about buggies (and prams/baby carriages). They're sturdy, spacious and many of them quite pretty to look at (that is if you take the trouble to get something with a bit of color - for instance, my buggy is Medieval Blue and Silver - sounds elegant, doesn't it? the pram/baby carriage is Aqua - and that includes the changing bag). Since you should always bring a changing bag, you'll always have the stuff you need to change your baby's nappies/diapers, clean up and also their bottles of formula and/or gruel and other snacks. There's usually a storage unit underneath the buggy or pram so there's plenty of space. Finally, you can usually hang some shopping bags on the buggy. The buggy in particular, in fact, since the pram/baby carriage is a bit top heavy and tends to be a little unsteady if you hang too much on the handle.

For me, who's suffering from agoraphobia, holding on to a buggy or baby carriage is very reassuring. It feels as if I'm safely anchored to the ground, even under the worst of conditions, i e in full daylight, with a clear sky, in a wide open space.

On one particulary miserable occasion, one of the pram's front wheels tore and it became nearly impossible to push it. We were on the wrong side of a heavily trafficked road and had to cross, in full daylight - which meant being exposed to the full horror of the open space underneath the sky. I had to carry my baby daughter through that heavy traffic, while trying to fight down feelings of panic. My daughter and I made it across the road safely and so did my son, in the arms of his aunt, my sister, but I never want to have to do that again. Incidentally, the buggy doesn't have tires, just hard wheels, so I doubt I'll have to go through the same thing again - unless the brake breaks down, no pun intended.
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I would like to wish my friends and followers a hopefully Happy New Year! 2014 was a really bad year for me and my family and 2015 was the worst ever. By comparison 2016 has been quite ok, even if it's a case of 'too little, too late'. Now I'm hoping that 2017 will be continuing the (tiny) trend of getting better, even though I'm also getting older (ugh). One can always hope. You'll all be happy to know that though I have written a blog post about my appreciation for my babies' buggy, I resisted the urge to post it. ;)


Dec. 20th, 2016 05:16 pm
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Today I had an appointment with my dentist. A tooth had to be extracted. Ouch. The actual extraction went well, but afterwards it hurt a bit but most of all it felt all weird to have half a jaw that was numb. Once the anaesthesia had worn off, it started to hurt a bit more, but not that much. Just in case I took one of the painkillers my dentist had given me. So at the moment I feel quite ok. At least until the painkiller stops working.

Cute video

Nov. 27th, 2016 01:46 am
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If like me you frequently need cheering up, you might like to check out this cute video.

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Today I went back to the hospital where I had the twins. It was time to return the baby seats that we had rented. I was a bit nervous that they would find our cleaning of the seats inadequate. Fortunately, that wasn't the case.

On our way from there, we had about thirty minutes to wait until the next bus, having just missed the last one by a minute. We decided to walk around the hospital, or at least almost, since there was a big machine digging up the ground and would have been in our way. So we walked and walked and walked and on the way back we ran out of time and almost missed the bus. Fortunately, the driver was nice and stopped to pick us up on his way out of the hospital area.

While we were waiting for the train, suddenly we heard a big boom sounding a bit like a fast train roaring through the station area at full speed. Actually, it was a military plane flying so low I thought it would hit the electric lights. I didn't think it was allowed. It was quite scary.
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Today I went back to the clinic to have my blood pressure checked. To begin with, I had to wait for quite a long time. Then I found that my blood pressure is higher than the last time, when I wasn't even taking the medication. For two weeks I've had headaches that I think are related to this medication. Ironically, this is the best one I've had to take, so I don't want to stop taking it, for more reasons than one. Now I'm worried, but since the results of the other tests were fine, I don't think there's any real danger. Still, this is so familiar. Every time I find out I have elevated blood pressure, I somehow feel ashamed. As if I've done something wrong. Which is absurd, but I keep feeling this way. I think I'll have to return to check the pressure again quite soon. The doctor will probably raise my dosage. That's all. But I can't help worrying. :(
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