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In Sweden Father's Day is in November, but since it is Father's Day in many other countries I thought I'd post about the men in my family anyway.

First of all I'd like to mention my dad. He and I are very much alike in personality. I can almost hear his voice inside my head whenever something happens. I know what he would have said about whatever it is. I've posted about this before, but I'd still like to mention the many things my dad helped me with.

He always drove me anywhere I needed to go, all without complaining. He'd bring a book and read while he waited. They say my dad was born on a Sunday with a 'victory hood' meaning part of the umbilical sac, which apparently means luck. I'm not sure if any of this is true, since I have found plenty of circumstantial evidence that the woman I thought of as my grandmother (aka the wicked witch of the east) actually wasn't his real mother. Be that as it may, my dad was very lucky in his life. Once he was going to drive me to the railway station (I laugh about it now, since that short walk wouldn't have been any problem), but I had got ready too late and missed the train. I was still sleepy and told dad that we could just go back home and I'd go back to bed, but he wouldn't let me. He drove me to the next railway station on the line (a five minute drive). I told him it would be too late, since the trains are a lot fast than cars. We'll wait, he told me. And sure enough, a minute or so later the train did arrive and I got on it in time.

Secondly, he always helped me with my maths homework and he did it very well, even though he always said he wasn't any good as a teacher and much preferred to be a principal/head master. Others have tried and never managed it very well. It gave me a better grade than I would have if left to my own devices.

A third example is the time when I'd decided to stay at home instead of enduring a 'sports day' with my class. Since it was my form mistress/home room teacher who was responsible for that particular day, she called in the afternoon to check on why I didn't come. My dad had been at work and he'd left before I was up so he had no idea about what I'd done, but when I walked into the hallway, there he was, on the phone with my teacher telling her how sick I'd been. LOL. That's something I'll never forget.

Now I'd like to mention my (maternal) grandfather. He was a very honest and decent man. Very serious and reliable, but he also had a sense of humor and he was very good at appeasing angry family members. Maybe because he was one of the youngest in a family of seven children? He was a grocer and I know he was very respected both in his profession and in private.

That's pretty much the men in my family that I know and have met in person. Sure, there are mom's cousin's two sons, but I don't know them very well. They're nice and we have a bit in common, but I couldn't tell you very much more about them.

Despite never having met them, I'd still like to mention my mom's two grandfathers and my paternal grandfather.

I'll start with the latter. Unfortunately, I don't know very much about him, other than what my dad has told me. He was a business man and he was quite successful at that. I also believe he was honest in his business. My dad was in awe of him, but I can tell from the photos of the two of them together, that they loved each other.

My mother's maternal grandfather seems to have been a rather modern man for his time. In a different time, he might have been a vegetarian. He was kind and loving towards his children and loyal to his wife, even though I believe they weren't very well suited to each other. He was also quite handsome in some of the photos and he had a sense of humor. I've been told he joked a lot. He was a builder and there are still two very nice houses that he built, standing in his home town (in Sweden - he did try to emigrate to America, but his wife refused to go).

My mother's paternal grandfather was a grocer, just like his son. I've been told (not by my mother, who never met him, or even his youngest son, my grandfather, who was far too young when he lost his father) that he was a happy, cheerful man who loved his family and tried to enjoy life to the full. He loved to buy christmas presents for his children and would lead the 'long dance' around all the rooms in the house, on Christmas Eve.

Finally, even though he's not a man yet, I'd like to mention my son, who I think will grow up to be a very good dad. He's the only living male in our family today. He's talented and charming and the most wonderful son anyone could hope to have.
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What a very interesting meme, but also a very difficult one. I think I've done something like this before, but since I really like the thought of more family members, I'll do it again.

Most characters in books and movies aren't exactly the sort of persons you'd like in your family. They're usually attractive or fascinating and you find yourself sympathising with them - if you like them. But to have them as family members is a different matter.

Anyway, here goes:

Conrad in Conrad's Fate by Diana Wynne Jones is a boy who really likes books, which seems to be quite rare in most literature. And he's pretty nice too, so I think I'd like him as a brother or as a boyfriend :).

Cat in Charmed Life in the same series as Conrad's Fate - Chrestomanci - by DWJ, would make a sweet little brother. Strangely enough, DWJ has said that she intended for Cat to be autistic. That surprises me, since I seem to be able to understand him just fine and I don't think I'm autistic myself.

Next up is Charmain in House of Many Ways by DWJ. She's a girl who loves books, like I do, and unlike me, she's probably a lot more efficient at what she does, though perhaps not very nice, at least not at the beginning of the story. Efficiency would complement our family very nicely.

Peter from the same book is not efficient, so a lot more like us, and that would probably make him a nice cousin maybe?

I guess it's obvious that I really love DWJ:s books. LOL.

Next up is another author though. I really like the little Woodies in Moominsummer Madness. They're so cute and I'd love to adopt them and take really great care of them. Poor little mites.

Actually, there are two other characters in this book that are among my very favorites in the Moomin series - Misabel and the Whomper. Misabel is a lot like me but hopefully a bit worse. LOL. Someone who doesn't understand her, might call her whiny, but I do understand and I realize that her life must have given her reason to feel the way she does. The Whomper seems nice and is quite cute too and if I was MIsabel I'd really want him to be my boyfriend. Misabel could be my sister, so that's number five on this list.

But since this is the Moomin series I'm talking about, I can't resist mentioning two other favorites. I promise I won't go into Fillyjonk and the Hemulen this time. :) But I just have to mention Toffle and Miffle. They are so adorable and I'd like to adopt them too and make sure they never have to be scared again.
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